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“I was so excited when I placed my order for the Lavender-tea tree moisturizer, the good-bye stress body oil, the tea tree rosemary facial soap and the lemon mint kiss lip balm. I literally check my notifications everyday to see when it was coming in the mail. And oh boy! when I did, I stood by my mail box to receive it. I couldn’t waste any time, I just went straight to my bathroom and used everything that came, including the sample pure rosewater spray. When I was done, I felt like a new woman and fell in love with all the products. This product is amazing. Worth every penny! I would even use it on my two babies. I work in a very polluted environment, so to come home and not use any is a blessing. Tracy has out-done her self. I definitely will be buying more products for myself and others. This product smells good, looks good, and is good. And on top of all that! My order came with a cute little thank you card and something extra.Who can beat that? NOBODY but Strawberry Hedgehog.” -Juanita, Medford, NY 06/24/09

“The sugar scrub is the most awesome scrub I’ve ever used! All of the face products are terrific and my skin feels the best it’s ever felt! Love your soaps, especially the face soap with tea tree oil and rosemary. My whole bathroom smells wonderful with all of the scents sitting on my counter, especially the soap! I’m a happy Birthday girl! So glad I got to buy all the products on my birthday and then got to start using them that day!” -Roberta, Scottsdale, AZ 04/13/09

“I received my beautiful soaps on Saturday — so swiftly! They smelled so wonderful! I had a terrible time deciding which to use first. I love them each and every one…
Thanks for the wonderful service and divine soap!” -Sherry, Memphis, TN 03/16/09

“Your shea butter is the first thing I’ve found that actually keeps my skin soft in Arizona’s dry air! I use it at night after a shower and don’t have to reapply in the morning – that’s unusual for my dry skin. (Plus the lavender-lemon scent is sooo yummy!) Thanks again!” -Allie, Tempe, AZ 02/19/09

“Everything arrived yesterday and I am one happy, well-moisturized, delicious-smelling girl this morning! The lemon-mint lip balm is fabulous and I’m patting myself on the back for ordering three right away. I knew I would love it and now I’ll never be far from a stick! The red clay mask, well, let’s just say I’m already looking forward to my next application. The ingredients are great, it feels wonderful going on and I hate to sound so cliche, but I really do think I can feel it working. After I washed it off, I made my husband feel my face to verify my skin was really as soft as I thought. Amazing stuff. (Even the little blue jar my sample came in was adorable!) I am especially fascinated with the shea butter. Clearly, this is my first time being introduced to the real, pure thing. At first I wasn’t sure about the color and the texture, but a few test applications and we’re old friends now. I’ve already smeared this stuff on my lips, feet, and most places in between. It seems like that big, yummy pot could last forever–or at the very least get me through a dry Montana winter in the mountains. Needless to say, after all this success, I couldn’t wait to jump in the shower with my patchouli-orange soap this morning. This is everything I had hoped for (and didn’t get) with a certain company’s Karma line. I truly love it. Great size, awesome lather, heavenly scent. I am now obsessed with convincing someone (anyone!) to enroll me in your Soap Club for my birthday. However, until then, I still have the extra soap you sent with my order. THANK YOU! That was so nice and such a fun surprise.” -Jeni, Bozeman, MT 01/09/09

“I’ve been using the tea tree rosemary soap, the lavender tea tree face lotion and occasionally the red clay mask for about a month now.  I’ve tried a LOT of products out there for my troubled skin.  Tracy’s products are really doing the job.  My rosacea hasn’t been an issue.  I’m having fewer breakouts and they are shorter lived.  Thank you! ” -Katie,
Winnemucca, NV 10/02/08

“Thank you so much for your wonderful skin care line. I am blown away in the course of a few weeks how my once rebelling skin looks and feels better. You have combined such beneficial ingredients into an awesome reasonably priced product line. It makes me very happy that I am supporting a local business that has love in every product. I couldn’t be more pleased with everything and can’t wait to try more products out.” -Nichole, Gilbert, AZ 09/17/08

“LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE did I say love my fragrance!!!!! [custom cinnamon-vanilla perfume] Thank you.” -Deanne, Surprise, AZ 08/07/08

“For the first summer of my life, I do not have humiliating, dry, cracked heels, all thanks to the Strawberry Hedgehog whipped body creme and sugar scrubs.  The products are wonderful!  I’m no longer self conscious about wearing sandals.  Thanks Tracy :)”  -Cathy, Scottsdale, AZ 07/27/08

“I love the [patchouli-orange] soap.  I use it in the shower.  It lathers nicely and leaves a pleasing, light fragrance on my skin, which I really like.  I’m glad my friend sent me info on your products.  Good luck with your business.” -Jan, Lynchburg, VA 07/15/08

“I love everything I’ve tried. The body butter is heavenly. I have really dry skin and its just excellent stuff. It calms my skin down from itching, and leaves it silky smooth, and smelling pretty without smelling too strong either. I love the soaps, they all smell so good. I tried the Grapefruit bergomot one first, its great. I’ve tried other natural soaps before and they tend to fall apart pretty quickly, yours hasn’t. My favorite thing so far is the lavender face lotion. I’ve noticed that especially with this product and the lip balm, but really with everything I’ve tried; a little goes a long way. My make-up goes on so smooth on top of it, and it smells good, its tingly refreshing, and not at all greasy. I’ve also tried a couple of lines of truly natural skin care, and I usually get smelly, chuncky, greasy mess of stuff. Your product is infinitely superior to what I’ve tried in the past. I’m really looking forward to the new totes and shirts coming out. I’ll be visiting your site often. Thank you for all you do and the integrity that you do it with.” – Jenny, Dallas, TX 05/19/08

” I love my stuff! It is amazing. The (coconut-almond) creme. The (jasmine-white tea) spray. The (clove-oat) soap! I can’t wait to take a shower to
use my new (peppermint) scrub. I am so excited. Thank you so
much. And the soap is beautiful. I love the new
packaging – super cute.” – Caroline, Tucson, AZ 04/03/08

“Strawberry Hedgehog products are amazing.  This year I gave soaps to everyone at work for Christmas and I have never had so much positive feedback on a gift before.  I recently took some of the body butter with me on a trip to Thailand.  Despite the heat it didn’t melt in its container and the consistency stayed.  Most importantly, it kept me smelling great the whole trip.  I would recommend Strawberry Hedgehog products to anyone whether you are vegan, environmentally conscious, or just looking for some great original products.” -Beth, Seattle, WA 03/31/08

“Peppermint Shea Butter – I love Love LOVE anything and everything peppermint, so I was sold on this one before even trying it. By far, one of the best shea butters I’ve ever tried. Whenever I’ve got this on my arms, I become preoccupied with smelling myself to the point where it’s ridiculous.” [click here to read more of Sunny's review at her blog]-Sunny, North Hollywood, CA 03/24/08

“Just had to tell you that I am enjoying your soaps.  I even take them with me when we travel.  Usually I just use whatever the hotel has to offer but not anymore.  Can’t be without my good soap.” -Lucy, Albuquerque, NM 03/20/08

“Thank you so much for my products. I love everything! A good friend introduced me to your skin care products and she even bought me the first round of them. Thank you so much for what you do and for what you stand for.” -Amy, Scottsdale, AZ 03/09/08

“The lemon-mint kiss lip balm is quite possibly, the best lip balm I’ve ever used. Not only does the peppermint create the most delightful tingle on my lips, but the balm has made my lips fantastically soft. If the lip balm is this good, I can’t wait to try her other products as well!” – Becky, Gold Canyon, AZ 10/14/07

“Your products are awesome. I’m smelling my arm
right now with a smile (thanks to the lemongrass-vanilla body butter)!!! I also gave the lavendar soap to one of my co-workers and she just loves it! She couldn’t wait to take another bath with it.” -Sari, Scottsdale, AZ 11/14/07

I love the face care!! I’ve worked in Cosmetics for a long time (Neiman Marcus) and I’ve tried everything…Clinique, Darphin, Nature Bisse, Fresh, and ECT. This is the best skin care! My face feels so good and I love the Lavender Lip Balm.” -Carrie, Tucson, AZ 10/30/07

“I ordered the entire face line and I love all of it…the lotus oil is amazing and the tea tree rosemary soap is great. I like the feel of the lavender-tea tree lotion.” -Beth, Tempe, AZ 10/29/07

“I just wanted to let you know that my favorite friend just got me my favorite Birthday gift, Strawberry Hedgehog products! As always she and I had a full spa sampling session at her desk! I can not tell you how much I love your products and how excited I am to get them for my birthday! Thank you so much!” -Becky, Phoenix, AZ 10/25/07

“I can’t rave enough about the tea tree-rosemary face & body soap and the lavender tea-tree face lotion. Both of those are must-have items for problem skin like mine.

I also received the deliciously fresh lemon sugar scrub. The delicately sweet lemon scent makes me feel calmly energized. And after years of using her scrub, it still amazes me that I can exfoliate and moisturize all with one product – how efficient! There is no better way to start your day than with some of Tracy’s scrub.

I found myself squealing and giggling out loud as I rubbed the key-lime lotion on my legs and arms before bed last night. These items need to come with a warning label: may cause uncontrollable childish delight and laughter.” -Kelly, Falls Church, VA 05/15/07

“Thanks so much, I love the patchouli butter scrub, and the mini lavender spray and peppermint foot gel are totally adorable!! Brilliant products, I will definitely be doing business with you again! Nice to see some not-too expensive nice vegan things.” -Mary, Bronxville, NY 04/19/07

“I got my package today and I’m thrilled! I love everything, and a huge thank you for all the extra goodies, you’re so sweet. Here’s my thoughts on the things I’ve tried so far:

1) Yucca Root Soap- This soap is great. Lots of rich creamy lather, and it left my skin feeling soft and not at all dry.

2) Raw Unscented Shea Butter- I had never used pure shea butter before, so the firmness of it made me a little nervous. But then I was amazed at how it quickly melted into my skin and left my elbows and feet so soft. This was definitely worth the wait!

3) Patchouli Shea Butter- I used this one in my hair, and it conditioned it wonderfully!

4) Pomegranate Berry Lotion- I think this is my favorite product. It smells good enough to eat! And I’m pretty sure my cats agree with me, as they keep trying to lick my legs now, haha.

5) Neroli Hydrosol Spray- I just fell in love with this refreshing sweet scent. This will probably be replacing my regular perfume.

6) Lavender Green Tea Spray- This feels great on my face, and it soothed the headache I had. I’ll also be using this on my sheets tonight.

I can’t wait to try the rest of your products! I’ll definitely be a returning customer many times over. Thank you! -Angela, Memphis, TN 01/27/07

“My mother recently placed her first order and is very pleased. I managed to talk her out of her lavender tea tree face lotion and lemon-mint kiss lip balm. I love them both. The face lotion leaves my face soft all day and smelling great, and I love the way the lip balm makes my lips tingle. Thanks!”
- Angela, Memphis, TN 12/29/06

“I received my package today and had a wonderful post-work face cleansing session. It was a success! My face feels wonderful, my lips thank you, and I am impressed with the speed-demon shipping. Whip up a batch of delicious-smelling lotions to make my hands happy, and I’ll be at your beck and call!” -Emily, Campbell, CA 04/12/06

“I received my stuff yesterday…I LOVE the tea tree face soap!! I love it even more now though using it with the toner and lotion. It’s just so refreshing! I also used the “Love Is In The Air” cream when I got out of the shower this morning, it’s amazing! It doesn’t just sit on top of my skin. Loving the lip balm too. You’re stuff is the best :o)” -Tristan, Wichita, KS 04/13/06

“The face oil is fabulous! It has tightened my pores, softened my skin, and brought out a nice glow. I absolutely love the smell. The lip balm makes my lips feel incredibly soft, without the waxy feeling of other brands. There has not been a white, waxy “chap stick line” from this product! The jasmine spray refreshes my skin after a long day at the office. I spray it on my face after work, for a quick refresher. The shea body butter is nice. It seems to last all day, and has made my skin soft… I am incredibly impressed with your line. I have tried many “natural” products- and really like your ingredients. I will definitely be purchasing more from you in the future!” – Calista, Scottsdale, AZ 03/30/06

“Absolutely love the body butter bar, since it is part shea butter and cocoa butter, it makes my poor Colorado Front Range dried out skin feel like it has been at the spa getting the best treatment available. Keep up the good work! – Pat, Longmont, CO 03/27/06

“Week one, two, and three.. After the first week [using the face care line] my skin was smoother with less dry skin, and the swelling had gone down quite a bit. Second week the redness had faded and I had fewer breakouts. Now in the third week the acne on my chin and jaw line is almost gone!” – Danielle, Fort Worth, TX 03/17/06

“I got my new products in the mail yesterday!!! They smell so good. Last night I washed with the Tea Tree- Rosemary face soap, did the Dead Sea Deep Cleansing Mud Mask, then applied the balancing lotus face treatment oil, after that soaked in and before bed I used the Lavender- Tea Tree face lotion and the lip balm. My face feels so good! Thank you! The mask is super redressing and smells so nice. I’d probably bathe in the lotus treatment oil if I could afford to.” -Danielle, Fort Worth, TX 03/25/06

“Once again you have out done yourself! I LOVED everything! The Lavender Shea Butter smells & feels amazing! I am currently wearing the Love is in the Air whipped body crème, my skin was so dry and sensitive this morning now it is so smooth!!!! My face has seriously been missing the Tea Tree-Rosemary Face Soap, as soon as people walk into my bathroom they always say it smells so GREAT in here and it’s my face soap! And of course the Butter Bar!!!! I am so glad you recommended the lemon fragrance, I can not wait to use it, and of course I sampled it as soon as I got it, I already love it! Thanks again, I’m so glad I have tried your products before celebrities start talking about them in US weekly!” – Becky, Scottsdale 02/24/06

“I just checked the mail and got my great products!!! Everything smells incredible and I can’t wait to jump in the shower to try stuff out. I did spray a bit of the Neroli Hydrasol on Buddha (the dog) and he actually liked it!!! He hates having things sprayed on him–we were trying a bit of a natural puppy perfume and he would run around the house trying to rub it off. But he didn’t even flinch with the Neroli spray!!!

I love the patchouli scent in the Love is in the Air Creme because it’s so subtle, and then once the other scents wear off a tiny bit it’s much more noticeable. What a great combo! I absolutely love everything. The Creme is so rich, without being too heavy and the scent lasts so long! The Comfort soap is so nice and gentle on my very sensitive skin. Thank you so very, very much!” – Meredith, Chicago, IL 02/24/06

“I look forward to lathering up in the morning with that glorious smelling bar..thank you for the great customer service also.” -Sally, Burbank, CA 02/22/06

“My sister gave me a bar of your Peppermint Twist soap for Christmas….wow, is it great! I live in Colorado Springs, which isn’t quite as arid as Arizona, but pretty darn close and this soap does not leave my skin feeling dry at all, and it smells fantastic. She also gave me bath salts which I haven’t gotten to try yet, but I just love to open the jar to smell them. Happy New Year!” – Carey, Colorado Springs, CO 01/05/06

“”I received your gift baskets when my daughter got married last August. I absolutely love your products and would like to introduce my family to your products. Thanks a bunch for your help and your terrific products.” – Rama, San Diego, CA 12/13/05

My friend (who recieved a gift of Strawberry Hedgehog products) LOVED her stuff, she couldn’t stop talking about it all! (Her order included Almond Spice and Pina Colada bar soaps, Dreamy Facial Steam Tea, dry salt scrub in “Relax” and a Vanilla Grapefruit massage bar.) Thank you so much for making everything extra special for her birthday, she had me tell her all the info on how to order, she said she had to know how to replenish EVERYTHING!” – Rebecca, Scottsdale, AZ, 11/29/05

“I received the products yesterday and I was so impressed! I had a full spa going at my house last night. I started with the Gingerbread Dry Sugar Scrub and it was absolutely fabulous! I loved the smell and the scrub left my skin so soft. Also, it didn’t make a mess in my tub, which I loved! I used the Chocolate Orange Massage Bar after my bath and the smell and texture were amazing! The bar didn’t leave my skin oily, it just left my skin moisturized and extremely soft! I also tried the toner last night, which was fantastic. At fist I was weary about the smell of an all natural toner, however the smell was pleasant. The toner left my face clean and didn’t dry-out my skin. I used the lip balm too! Loved the scent and a little went a long way. I woke-up this morning with very soft lips. I will definitely be placing a big order for the holidays. I already know I will be giving all of my girlfriends/mom/sister-in-law the gingerbread sugar scrub and the chocolate orange massage bar.” – Rachel, Scottsdale, AZ 09/02/05

“WOW, I LOVE your products!!!!!! My friend who recommended you and I had been talking about receiving them all week and it was definitely worth the wait. She had told me your story about your skin being sensitive to products especially for your face. I too have very sensitive skin and many products that are designed to help sensitive skin often irritate my skin even more, which was the opposite with Strawberry Hedgehog products that changed my skin almost immediately. Ok so here’s my input on everything I received:

1. Love them lips! Lip Balm (Lemon Mint Kiss)- AMAZING, I might be the biggest fan of Lip Balm ever so of course this was the first product I used and it went over my lips like BUTTER! They immediately felt soft and the fragrance was so refreshing!

2. Massage Bar (Almond Spice)- LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It smelled and felt so great I wanted to eat it before I even used it. Once I used the bar on my skin my skin transformed to looking and feeling so smooth and soft. My skin is so sensitive and dry in the summer in AZ this definitely is the fix for those problems year round!

3. Soap Bars- Not only are these adorable to look at down to their paper wrapping, they also feel so great on my skin and smell amazing!

4. Dreamy Facial Steam Tea- My absolute favorite! This mixture of chamomile and lavender among other ingredients cleared my skin and completely relaxed me. I have been under the weather recently and this made me feel completely rejuvenated.” -Becky, Scottsdale, AZ 09/02/05

“I LOVE the tea tree face soap! I always had a problem with my pores being a little *too* visible.. and any sort of pore cleaner (or anything that is supposed to reduce the appearance of pores) never worked. THIS works! I am in love!” – Tiffani, Bedford, TX 07/06/05

“I love the way they [Handmade Anise and Gingerbread Spice soaps] make my make my bathroom smell nice!” – Mary, Yuma, AZ 05/02/05

“I love them! Especially the Dreamy Facial Steam Tea, it feels wonderful, relaxing and invigorating. Your Facial soaps feel absolutely cleansing. All of your products I’ve tried are wonderful. That’s why I’m back to try some more!” – Aiza, San Diego, CA 05/01/05

“I got my products! :) I love all of it. The [Tea Tree Rosemary Face & Body] soap is wonderful. I usually stay away from bar soap on my face because it dries it out but yours was awesome! The Moisture Mask was a dream, it worked great and didn’t burn. I think the toner is my favorite so far, I have never been able to find a toner that didn’t burn my skin. Yours didn’t burn one bit, but was still refreshing and the packaging was adorable.” – Kelly, Dover, DE 03/10/05

“Everything I ordered (Gingerbread Spice Sugar Scrub, Nourishing Nut Bath Salts, Tea Tree Massage Bar) was wonderful, from the smells to the softness! You can tell instantly that these products were made with care and quality; truly unique treats to pamper yourself with.” – Angela, Mesa, AZ 03/10/05
“I’ve tried the Lemon-Mint salt scrub and I’m in love with it! I love how it makes my skin so soft. The foot scrub feels great and OMG the peppermint foot gel is wonderful. Thanks for including that in my shipment. I haven’t had a chance to use the Vanilla Vixen scrub or foot fizzies yet, but I’m certain I’ll love those too. Thank you for making such great products.” – April, San Diego, CA 03/01/05

“I love the massage bar ! It was so moisturizing without being oily or greasy at all. I have never used anything like it before! Thanks! =)” – Viki, Yuma, AZ 02/22/05

“I got my [Tea Tree Face & Body] soap today! It smells so yummy! Thanks so much!” – Jennifer, Mississauga, Ont Canada 02/22/05

“The orange spice massage bar smells *amazing* and left my skin feeling silky soft. Strawberry Hedgehog’s use of all-natural, vegan materials and obvious labor of love makes for a lovely product I am eager to buy.” – Emily, Milpitas, CA 02/02/05

“I got my massage bar yesterday, and I love, love, love it!” – Janita, Parker, CO 01/30/05

“WOW, thanks so much for sending the lavender massage bar! It left my skin so soft and smelling so pretty, yum! I love knowing that it was handmade and with vegan ingredients too! Your stuff is dynamite and I have to mention that your packaging is oh-so adorable! I can’t wait to try everything you’ve got!” – Anna, San Diego, CA 01/31/05

“Thanks for the YUMMY smelling bath fizzy! Oh my goodness, it smells so good I want to eat it. :-) And so cheerfully and professionally packaged and shipped too.” – Stephanie, Chandler, AZ 01/29/05

“WOW!!!!! I got your [massage bar] Sat. and it’s GREAT!!! I tested it out with my husband (who was too “macho” to try it) and my friend watching in my kitchen sink, on my hands and arms and today my body is STILL silky soft. My husband kept touching my hands telling me how soft they were!!” – Kristi, Riverside, CA 01/31/05

“Thank you for the licorice bath salts! I really love it. I can’t use most bath salts because the scents are often so over whelming that I end up having an asthma attack. But the licorice is a nice subtle scent and I have no problem with my asthma. I have used this everyday and I am almost out! Please e-mail me and let me know how I can order more.” – Rhonda, Phoenix, AZ 01/24/05

“The sugar scrubs and sachets are fantastic! These are much better and more unique than anything you can buy from a store in the mall. The sugar scrub kept my skin soft and smelling wonderfully all day and the sachets produced a delightfully light and long-lasting smell in the rooms I placed them in.” – Melissa, Reno, NV 01/23/05

“I just got finished using my patchouli & sandalwood sugar scrub. I can’t believe how wonderful my skin feels! Not only do I feel completely relaxed and uber-moisturized, I feel so good about using something so earth and animal friendly. This stuff is fabulous!” – April, Phoenix, AZ 01/03/05

“I loved the Orange Spice Bath Salts! They are super fragrant because they are so fresh, no chemical preservatives needed! And left me feeling really pampered — body and mind — because I knew that all ingredients are 100% natural and animal friendly. :)” – Anne, Los Angeles, CA 01/02/05

“I just used the Gingerbread Spice Scrub, and I must say, it’s incredible! It smells good, AND, my skin is very soft and moisturized. Thank you again! I will let you know as I try out more of the products–that’s the best gift. It’s homemade, from the heart, but also very professional and allows you to pamper yourself. It’s cool you make vegetarian friendly products, too.” – Britney, Chandler, AZ 12/23/04

“Your products are so awesome! All of your products have been great. I especially LOOOVE your shower scrubs. They are truly the best I have ever used. They exfoliate and moisturize and smell like heaven. ” – Kelly, Scottsdale, AZ 05/11/04

“I absolutely loved the lavender scrub!!” – Victoria, Phoenix, AZ 05/04/04