Patchouli is that musky, earthy, woody cousin of mint that is beloved by hippies across the board! It is blended with the fresh green scent of pine needle essential oil for a clean and uplifting scent, along with a hefty dose of cheerful sweet orange to lighten up the patchouli and just a hint of essential oil from the ylang-ylang flower adds to the aphrodisiac qualities and gives it a sneaky little something extra soft and unexpected that makes it so special! This one would be great for men or women and makes a exotic treat for any shower or bath.


As featured on Channel 3 Your Life A-Z

the only Strawberry Hedgehog soap that has been around since the beginning with a cult-like following!  this mildly scrubby bar of organic oils glycerin soap is just as perfect for your face as our other bars are for your body! whole rosemary provides strong antioxidant activity, peppermint refreshes and brightens skin and gently exfoliates while pure tea tree essential oil kills break-out causing bacteria! this gentle, cleansing, and balancing bar is great for all skin-types but is perfect for oily to combination skin!

As seen on 3TV! This pale green soap topped with dried eucalyptus leaves is a favorite of men and women alike. If ever you could put a spa in a bar this is it. Healing, airway opening eucalyptus combined with refreshing and cheerful lime and a touch of lavender for a balancing finish.


Market Best Seller!

The comforting, warm scent of clove buds paired with the refreshing scent of fresh oranges makes a delightful combination in a beautiful bright orange and pale orange swirled bar topped with safflower petals.



one of the most diverse oils in aromatherapy for its ability to be both relaxing and refreshing- lavender is a sweet, herbaceous floral scent that is known best for its ability to relax and aid in sleep. this soap is perfect to balance your mood at the start of the day or to help you unwind in a nighttime bath. speckled with lovely indigo lavender buds and colored a pure white with swirls of blue from powdered lapis lazuli! you will not find a unique soap like this elsewhere.