Strawberry Hedgehog has officially switched from Dead Sea salt, or other internationally sourced salts, to our neighbor to the west’s locally harvested California sea salt. By purchasing mineral rich, healing Pacific ocean salts we are not only supporting our own economy we are also lessening the ecological footprint by eliminating the huge emissions from shipping around the world, as well as not contributing to the environmental impacts on the shrinking Dead Sea. Simply add a small handful of these skin smoothing crystals to a hot bath, breathe in the aromatherapeutic essential oil vapors and relax. If you aren’t in the mood for a bath, plug the shower drain, add some salts, and enjoy a soothing foot soak while experiencing the aromatherapy during your steamy shower. 8oz

These light, nourishing body oils are made up of organic sweet almond and apricot kernel oils along with essential oils. Use this oil for massage, as a daily moisturizing treatment, add a few drops to the shower for an aromatherapeutic steam or in the tub for a fragrant and softening bath. These 4oz bottles are a great deal with such pure, wholesome ingredients.

Be careful when using essential oils during pregnancy (but even more so of using artificial fragrance, simply labeled “fragrance” in conventional products- read your labels!!). When selecting a scent the single * denotes safety of use during pregnancy while the ** denotes safety of use during only the late stages of pregnancy. Consult your doctor or doula for more information.

with complimenting healing benefits to our tea tree-rosemary face soap, this fresh smelling toner also provides soothing benefits and antioxidants valued in green tea to tighten skin and discourage signs of aging, with anti-inflammatory and breakout-fighting herbs in a cleansing base of witch hazel. Apply to face with a saturated cotton ball after washing to help refresh balance skin tone. Great for oily to combination skin – this alcohol free formula will not irritate sensitive skin. 4oz

lavender-tea tree facial moisturizer

after cleansing & toning skin, apply a liberal amount of this light moisturizer over face and throat area. The gentle glycerine, organic almond oil, organic cocoa & shea butters soften skin & gently moisturize without clogging pores. black seed oil, rich in minerals and amino acids improves complexion while the tea tree and neem kill bacteria that can cause breakouts. lavender & mint soothe irritation, & rosemary tones skin. sweet floral waters of rose and orange blossom brewed with antioxidant rich green tea, arnica and calendula petals not only smell heavenly but provide a healing base for this light lotion that helps to reduce redness and improve skin health. use on clean skin in the morning & before bed for best results. 4oz glass bottle with pump.

The trick to truly beautiful skin is exfoliation.  One can moisturize all day and night with the most expensive elixirs known to (wo)man but all of that will do you no good if you do not initially slough off the build up of excess dead skin cells. Our skin is constantly regenerating and when it does so the older cells accumulate on the surface.  By using our natural scrub you physically remove those dull surface cells, exposing the more youthful, glowing skin below while also boosting circulation which improves skin’s clarity and tone.

Our organic, fair trade shea butter acts as a super-rich body balm, a little goes a long way and these wide mouth 8oz jars will last you ages. Naturally packed with vitamin E, shea butter is ideal for expecting mothers to avoid stretchmarks or for anyone with dry patches in serious need of healing.

More info below or click here to read more about the wonders of our shea butter on our blog.

woodsy scent with healing herbs, soothing oats, and purifying red clay for a smooth lather perfect for shaving legs or face now in a round shape for easy use in shaving mugs

*** Now with immunity-boosting Ravensara essential oil and Himalayan pink salt praised for its unique trace mineral content and healing properties!


this spicy, herbal, and resinous golden swirled bar is an intoxicating blend of sandalwood, cedarwood, rosemary, cypress, myrrh, and my spicy secret blend of spell-binding goodness!  intended to cleanse body and spirit.. how joyous to use it as a daily bar to set your intention at the start to be more mindful, grateful, and present!

bright translucent yellow bar with a swirl of pale opaque yellow and topped with real lemongrass. This scent is spicy and green with subtle undertones of cedarwood making the perfect combination to energize while grounding.



Patchouli is that musky, earthy, woody cousin of mint that is beloved by hippies across the board! It is blended with the fresh green scent of pine needle essential oil for a clean and uplifting scent, along with a hefty dose of cheerful sweet orange to lighten up the patchouli and just a hint of essential oil from the ylang-ylang flower adds to the aphrodisiac qualities and gives it a sneaky little something extra soft and unexpected that makes it so special! This one would be great for men or women and makes a exotic treat for any shower or bath.


As featured on Channel 3 Your Life A-Z

the only Strawberry Hedgehog soap that has been around since the beginning with a cult-like following!  this mildly scrubby bar of organic oils glycerin soap is just as perfect for your face as our other bars are for your body! whole rosemary provides strong antioxidant activity, peppermint refreshes and brightens skin and gently exfoliates while pure tea tree essential oil kills break-out causing bacteria! this gentle, cleansing, and balancing bar is great for all skin-types but is perfect for oily to combination skin!

As seen on 3TV! This pale green soap topped with dried eucalyptus leaves is a favorite of men and women alike. If ever you could put a spa in a bar this is it. Healing, airway opening eucalyptus combined with refreshing and cheerful lime and a touch of lavender for a balancing finish.