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Strawberry Hedgehog’s fabulous handmade eco-friendly products love the spot light!

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There has been some growing attention around my little business lately so I thought I’d take the time to organize the various “spot-light” moments so people who are not familiar with my products can see what I have to offer and so my loyal customers can cheer from home. :c)

The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life by Melisser Elliot
I am still in shock that I was interviewed for this FABULOUS book! Go out and buy it, seriously! It is chock full of handy tips, yummy vegan recipes, and interviews with cool vegan ladies, like myself. Melisser Elliot, aka The Urban Housewife, has really outdone herself and I am honored to be part of her book! “Reading like a Who’s Who of vegan women, contributions from recipes to craft projects are contributed by respected vegan chefs and bloggers including Hannah Kaminsky, Celine Steen, Jenn Shagrin, Kittee Berns, Kelly Peloza and more.” Visit her site and buy her book at

Strawberry Hedgehog’s beauty products are truly cruelty- AND animal-free by Monika Woolsey, Beverly Hills Women’s Health Examiner Did you know that many cruelty-free beauty products, while not tested on animals, still incorporate animal products into their product formulas? When vegan Tracy Perkins started label reading, in the search for soap that was compatible with her vegan lifestyle, that is what she discovered. After years of searching without finding any viable alternatives, she concluded that if she wanted it, she’d have to make it herself. And that is when Strawberry Hedgehog was created in Tracy’s kitchen. [read more]

Channel 3 Your Life A-Z Paraben-free beauty picks

by Rachel Harris, The Manic but Managed Mom

Posted on September 29, 2010 at 6:00 AM

Paraben free is a big beauty buzz word, but what exactly does that mean? Co-host Gayle Bass asked me about paraben free products a few weeks ago and we both thought that this would make a good segment, so read on to see the products that we try before you buy.

What the heck are parabens anyway?
With all of the talk about paraben free beauty items, I wanted to know exactly what the word means. So, I looked up the word, “parabens.” defines parabens as a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic industry. The Wikipedia definition also goes on to say that parabens are becoming increasingly controversial, because they have been found in high concentrations in breast cancer tumors. However, the site also points out that no causal link between parabens and cancer has been established.

So, as a mother and consumer sorting through all of this, I decided to call my favorite personal expert, my Mama! An all natural and organic consumer for most of her life, I usually take her advice. And since many of us aren’t scientists or doctors, we must make decisions based on our own instincts and of course, our tight budgets. A lot of the natural products do cost more, so here is a list of items that I found to be worth the extra money.

Strawberry Hedgehog Tea Tree-Rosemary Organic Oils Facial Soap
While visiting my favorite healthy café, Pomegranate, in Ahwatukee, I noticed that the restaurant was selling a few beauty items that match their philosophy of all natural and organic ingredients. When I grabbed the $8 bar to purchase, the staff got excited telling me just how much they love this line. I was happy to hear that the Strawberry Hedgehog line is also local. In addition to Pomegranate, the line is also sold at Whole Foods and AJ’s Fine Foods. The bar is made of oils that include palm and coconut, organic herbs and minerals and is paraben free with no harsh chemicals. The scent is light and pleasant.

Strawberry Hedgehog owner, Tracy Perkins, makes all of her plant-based soaps right out of Arizona kitchen. She came up with the name, Strawberry Hedgehog, from the beautiful local strawberry hedgehog cactus. I like the local flavor that is incorporated into her soaps and I like that her line is organic, green, local and homemade. To get some of her products at a reduced price, visit her site at and click under the clearance tab.


Pictured on American Public Radio’s Marketplace “Green” Beauty products are in demand

Channel 12 “Feel Good Friday”, 09/25/09

3 TV: Good Morning, Arizona! Segment with Dan Davis, 08/22/08

Click here to read my blog about the experience. >>

Arizona Republic, August 18, 2008. “Follow your footprint to a Green way of life” My husband, James Towner, the eco-blogger at, was interviewed by the Arizona Republic for an article on conservation. His main contribution was that little common sense changes, like hanging your laundry out instead of using your dryer or using a washable mug in place of disposable cups, adds up to a big impact saving you on carbon emissions as well as saving you money.

Raising Arizona Kids Magazine, July 2008


Raising Arizona Kids Magazine. What Mom doesn’t want the most natural, healthy products available for her kids? Raising Arizona Kids Magazine seems to recognize this and has featured my products as recommended holiday gifts under $25 and done a full interview with me to highlight strawberry hedgehog. The cover to the left is from their July 2008 issue. Dan Friedman, came over to my house, where I make all of my products. He sat down for a bit and we chatted going over the questions he had then we made some soap. He set up his cool fancy flash stuff in my kitchen and started snapping away as I stirred in spices and essential oils and poured the hot soap into the mold. He continued taking pictures as I sliced the soaps and those are the ones that ended up in the article which can be viewed below.


Eco Salon:This is a great site with an earth friendly, socially responsible twist on fashion and beauty. Most recently they posted a glowing review of my soaps with valuable information on glycerin soaps in general. Click the images below to view the corresponding articles. I was contacted by their writer, Mike Sowden, with some insightful questions that I happily answered and they posted on their site. With everything from health concerns about conventional ingredients, valuable natural ingredients lost to the scale of mass production and where my ingredients are sourced from, this interview hits on some good points and I’m glad to have done it. We were also featured as a guest blogger to talk about our Solar Aromatherapy Diffuser, and various other products have since been reviewed.

EcoSalon Review of Strawberry Hedgehog Soaps

EcoSalon article

EcoSalon guest blog

Vegan Beauty Review

This helpful site is run by a beautiful and charming girl, Sunny Subramarian. She has done two reviews of my products and I am happy that she liked my goodies enough to feature them on her site and provide such glowing feedback. I was also honored to be included in the Vegan Beauty Review’s Top 10 Fabulous Finds of 2008!

Vegan Beauty Review Write up

Vegan Beauty Review Top 10 of 2008


National Wildlife FederationNational Wildlife Federation

I was invited to be a guest blogger on the National Wildlife Federation blog, Wildlife Promise. The NWF is a non-profit organization that works hard to protect critters and their habitats and restore balance to damaged areas. [Click here to make a donation]

Click here for my article on the NWF Wildlife Promise Blog and learn more about some of the troubles with conventional bug repellents and for recipes to make your own healthy blends to repel and soothe bug bites if it is too late.

National Wildlife Federation guest blog

Groupon Phoenix
Strawberry Hedgehog’s Best Selling Soap Set was featured on Groupon as a side deal for Phoenix from 01/21/2010 to 01/24/2010! Click on the image to see the full screen view.

Groupon’s Write up:


Today’s side deal gets people covered with organic dirt organically clean: for $18, you get four freshly made organic soap bars plus shipping (a $38 value) from Strawberry Hedgehog in Maricopa.

Strawberry Hedgehog hand-makes its soaps in small batches using top-quality ingredients like organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, moisturizing vegetable glycerin, and a variety of herbs, minerals, and essential oils. In the process, they keep it free of paraben and other preservatives, synthetic fragrances like “new Wii smell” and “android hair,” chemical dyes, and sulfates. Strawberry Hedgehog then packages the soap in a minimal amount of recyclable products without testing it on anything cute or alive, like strawberries and hedgehogs. The result is a richly scented, vibrantly colored bar that provides a luxuriantly moisturizing, gently cleansing lather.