About Strawberry Hedgehog

Who is Strawberry Hedgehog?


Strawberry Hedgehog began when I, as a vegan college student, was having difficulty finding, let alone affording, quality vegan body products. I was frustrated with misleading packaging and after reading countless labels got a good idea of what went into various products. I started making goodies for myself, friends and family, in 2003 and named the product line after the beautiful local strawberry hedgehog cactus. It grew organically from interest from friends and family by word of mouth to a point in 2007 it became official and it continues slow, sustainable, steady growth.

Strawberry Hedgehog is a small but ever-growing professional endeavor run out of my soap factory at the Mariposa Longhouse in Central Phoenix. In October 2011 I took the leap from home kitchen to a factory space near 7th Ave and Camelback in Phoenix where I make all of my own products in small batches in the studio kitchen. Production has expanded but remains a one-woman show with occasional assistance from dear friends and Dad, also known as the soap gnomes (Meet my Gnomies here).  I make all of products and then package, label and ship them. I have a ton of fun doing what I do and I think that shows in the quality of the products. They are all made with love and the highest quality plant based ingredients available. I am proud of the products I create, free of any animal products, preservatives, weird chemicals and artificial dyes or fragrances.

I take pride in making plant based products to maximize the quality of the product and its effectiveness for my customers while also preventing animal cruelty. Many companies emphasize a lack of animal testing alone while they usually continue to use animal byproducts involving cruel factory farming practices. By purchasing products that are 100% vegan and therefore free of animal byproducts as well as free of any animal testing you are ensuring no critter was ever hurt to give you fabulous skin and you are helping the planet by not contributing to the ecologically devastating effects of massive factory farming.

I consider myself eco-conscious as a lover of nature and all critters, with four furry babies of my own, all rescues of different sorts. I am proud to use locally made waste-veggie oil biodiesel in my Strawberry Hedgehog vehicle. When I am not making soap I am helping build community through the Mariposa Longhouse and am an adjunct geology instructor at a local community college and try to incorporate concepts of sustainability into any class I am teaching. I hope this has helped you to better understand what our products are all about and where your Strawberry Hedgehog products are coming from so you can feel better about supporting something/someone you feel good about.


Tracy Perkins
Strawberry Hedgehog Owner/Artisan