Awesome Veg-Grocer-to-be needs your help!

Awesome Veg-Grocer-to-be needs your help!

From my buddy, Rikki, who has been working very hard on this worthwhile project:

I have been working on this project with a friend of mine Heather, to get an all plant-based grocery store open in Phoenix. I know for some of you not living in the valley or even miles and miles away this may not seem that important or even interesting, but what this can be is a foundation for future markets to open and model themselves after VegCo Market <—that is what we are calling it. It is an all plant-based (this means no meat, no dairy, no eggs, no seafood) grocery store that is focused on ethics and sustainability. Everything sold in VegCo will be as local as possible, as environmentally friendly as possible, no GMOs, no pesticides/herbicides on the food. There will be little to no packaging, we will have bulk bins for for items (except those that absolutely must be packaged or refrigerated) our mission is to be as bag-less as possible (bring your own), we will provide re-usable containers for the the bulk items. There will be an in house bakery and deli to get your food on the go, we will support local vendors and restaurants that would like us to sell their products. There will be classrooms to educate on gardening and composting, teaching about food and health and there will be a demonstration kitchen to teach customers how to create fabulous, environmentally friendly foods at home. So please take a minute, like us on Facebook, check us our on TumblrTwitter and Pinterest and please if you have a few dollars to spare check out our indiegogo page and make VegCo a reality.

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