Ditch the Plastic: Why glass rocks.

Ditch the Plastic: Why glass rocks.

sustainabley packaged Strawberry Hedgehog soap and whipped body creme“I don’t need plastic in my body to validate me as a woman.” -Courtney LoveThis beautiful lady is Sunny from the Vegan Beauty Review - please visit her site at http://veganbeautyreview.com

Strawberry Hedgehog body products all come in fabulous little mason jars, our facial care all comes in beautiful cobalt glass bottles, our soaps are packaged in minimal paper.. the only plastic in Strawberry Hedgehog products is in closures out of necessity. We have gone above and beyond to keep your products extra pure and honor our commitment both quality and to the environment. Now we hope to take that one step further..

Better for the health of the planet and your body:

  1. Glass does not contribute to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  read more: [1] [2] [3” the only solution is to prevent more debris from entering the ocean; it is futile to try to clean out whatever exists there now. And without changing our habits, the garbage patch will only continue to grow.” -Capt. Charles Moore
  2. Glass is one of the only true cradle to cradle materials! Made from naturally occurring quartz sand, limestone, and soda ash, it breaks back down into harmless sediment. read more: [1] [2]
  3. Glass is safe because it is resistant to chemical weathering, unlike plastics which result in chemical leaching, even BPA-free plastics release chemicals having estrogenic activity. read more: [1] [2] [3]
  4. Glass is easier to recycle than plastics, it can be recycled over and over without degrading, unlike plastics that become weaker as they are recycled, and recycling glass actually uses less energy than the original manufacturing process. read more: [1] [2]
  5. Glass is easy and beautiful to reuse. Dishwasher safe, just clean out your old containers and use them again and again! Use in place of plastic storage for left overs or for crafty ideas. read more [1] [2] [3] [4].

Reuse is my favorite aspect of glass! Customers have been asking for years and have been returning them to me already because my customers are just cool like that.. but now it is official. I’m launching a glass-return program! For every two items of my glass you return you will get $1 store credit. You can either hang onto and ship your multiple glass jars, bottles, rollers, etc. or you can drop them off outside my soap studio at 526 W. Mariposa St. Phoenix, AZ 85013 if you are in the area. Please put your jars in a bag and have them clearly labeled with at least your name and e-mail address so I can give you credit for your good deed! :c) Just leave your jars in or by the mailbox and I will pick them up and credit you as soon as possible. Hooray for progress! Your jars will be sterilized and reused for future products!

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