sparkling apple cider floats

sparkling apple cider floats

This is the easiest thing in the world.. so easy I will actually post a “recipe” for the first time in a zillion years on my once recipe-rich blog. I love apple cider this time of year but seeing that our highs temps are still near 90 sparkling cider sounded more appealing. I used to love ice cream floats as a kid but soda is so bad for you and after not drinking it for years it tastes pretty gross to me now. We were picking up a bottle of sparkling cider right next to the ice cream and *poof* the perfect combination was sparked.

1 scoop Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Ice Cream – Vanilla
1 glass organic sparkling apple cider

Scoop some of the coconut milk ice cream into your glass, top it off with your delicious chilled sparkling cider and *poof* the most natural, tasty ice cream float of all time!  If you haven’t tried the coconut milk ice cream yet you are missing out, it doesn’t taste coconutty, just creamy and so so good, this is my favorite vanilla hands down!

By the way, if you love apple cider you won’t want to miss my apple cider organic oils soap! You will be hard pressed to find any apple body products on the market that do not contain fragrance (the icky sticky petroleum-derived, pthalate-packed hormone disrupting garbage in most stuff on the market). This has real organic apple in it and amazing organic apple flavor extract. Tons of spice essential oils, not to mention real ground spices to top it off for a wonderful cool weather soap that smells homey and comforting! Check it out!

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