You all are absolutely amazing!

Brace yourselves.. are you ready? No really, I hope you’re sitting! The original goal was $2,500 to raise for the amazing unofficial animal rescue called Raven House down near Gleeson, AZ. Somewhere in my crazy mind I thought this might be possible but the logical part of my brain was bracing for something far lower and preparing to be thrilled and excited for whatever meager funds we raised. Silly doubtful voice! WE RAISED $2,594!!!!

$1,120 = Cash Donations

$320 = Charity Soap Sets

$40 = Raven House Shirt Sales

$1,114 = Bake Sale Proceeds

The outpouring of support was tremendous and took all forms as you can see from the spread above. The bake sale was so much fun, there were many vegan-treat loving supporters in attendance to help us eat our way to success! Loveland Boutique helped us set up and provided the charming space for our benefit (thanks, Jinia for all your support & Althea there in spirit). We would have been nowhere without our vegan baking army fearlessly lead by cupcake extraordinaire, Rikki Hale (Rikki, you are incredible, thank you SO so much), and myself.  These bakers donated goodies made from ingredients that are often not entirely convenient to come by, that carry a premium price tag or that have to be special ordered. They donate their time, energy, and creativity to make amazing treats that you would never guess didn’t have all of the icky stuff found in conventional sweeties! They worked really hard and I am so grateful!!

Generous donations came from Corianne of Treehouse Bakery, a place you can actually get such goodies 7 days a week! A couple other local vegan bloggers donated as well, thanks Kinike & Katie! Big big thanks to Zoe, Kiara, Allison of SmockYou (look for her stuff downtown at Conspire!), Amy (thanks for all the pictures, too!!! I didn’t have time to take any myself, you saved me!), Catherine, Julia, Kelly, Jessie, and Joan. There were actually so many donations I couldn’t keep track of them all!!!! I know there are a few missing – Rikki’s boyfriend’s coworker made some unbelievable baklava – thank you Tim’s co-worker! :c)

Apart from the bake sale there were wonderful donations through soap sales and cash donations. MANY THANKS TO ALL WHO DONATED: Adam, Amanda, Amber, Andrea, Beth, Brent, Britney, Caleb, Caroline, Cathy, Christine, Debbie, Dina, Heidi, Jeni, Jenna, Jennifer, Jessica, Jinia, Johnida, Joshua, Kate, Kelly, Kewal, Kimberly, Loral, Marthe, MaryBeth, Maxine, Michael, Nancy, Ouina, Raymond, Robin, Ruth, Sandy, Sharon, Shell, Sherry,Stacy,Tina, Tom, and Wendy!!!

The funds raised will be presented to the owner of Raven House next weekend and I can’t wait to see her expression! She is one who is used to taking care of everyone and never asks for help. Imagine the joy that will come with this desperately needed donation.

I love our community of caring individuals. Together we make amazing things happen! Thank you!

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