short cakes!

mini soap sale! $12-$13 $10

It is not always size that matters, my friends! At 5’2″ I can attest to the saying that great things come in small packages. My Strawberry Hedgehog short cakes prove my point! These mini trios make fabulous stocking stuffers or little gifts for friends or co-workers. Give individually or gift a whole set. Set these cuties by your sink and enjoy a different aromatherapeutic benefit every time you wash! Great way to try a variety of scents! Each half bar is roughly 2.5oz

simple classics:
pure lavender: balancing, soothing, relaxing
pure peppermint: revitalizing-refreshing-cooling
pure lemon: uplifting-refreshing-energizing

complex classics:
patchouli-orange: refreshing-soothing-sensual
mending minerals (shaving soap): balance-invigorate-heal
tea tree-rosemary (complexion bar): clarifying-cooling-purifying

Please pick some up while they are available! At $10 a set they won’t last long.

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