not so "gentle coconut cleanser"


While I am the natural and diy product guru my sister is the ultimate conventional, high end beauty product authority. She is always giving me tips on what scents to blend to make them more commercially adored rather than just by we Earthy types. :c) She gave me a really great body wash a while back, I will not name any names so as to not be bad mouthing another company. I was thrilled with it, worked well, smelled fabulous, no artificial fragrance, no sulfates (the main no-no in body washes) yet it was not a soap and instead contained “coco betaine” aka cocamidopropyl betaine and was explained to be a “gentle coconut cleanser.” Organic coconut oil is the main ingredient in my handmade soaps, I adore the many uses of coconut oil and so this seemed like a natural choice.

My customers have been begging me for a shower gel, body wash, or any kind of liquid soap for ages so I decided this coco betaine was the holy grail, the secret ingredient! I excitedly bought a gallon of the stuff. I played around a little with it making a wash and a scrub only to find that it is even less safe than the sulfate-based detergents. Bummer! So.. now I have a gallon of this stuff. Maybe I will use it to clean laundry? Ugh. Watch your labels, this can be found in many “green” products, including baby wash, hand soaps, body washes, shampoos, conditioners and all sorts of other products.

Cocamidopropyl Betainepotential irritant and potentially contaminated with or breaking down into chemicals linked to cancer, a known human immune system toxicant.

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