and I thought charity soap was great…

and I thought charity soap was great…

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fresh lemon-rosemary soap for St. BaldricksAs you know from my last post I have been really excited about the Soap for Hope soaps I have available where 50% of the price goes directly to support cancer charities. The soaps are available online as well as at my favorite Mesa cafe/yoga studio, Inside the Bungalow, who just so happen to be hosting a super cool event on May 2nd to support the St. Baldrick’s charity. So, last week I went to drop off the fresh lemon-rosemary soap there but before leaving I checked their blog only to find that Inside the Bungalow’s massage therapist, is donating ALL of the massage proceeds to the charity!

Inside the Bungalow massage therapist, MelissaI couldn’t resist this opportunity to pamper myself while giving to charity. What a fabulously rewarding combination! Melissa, the massage therapist, is incredibly friendly and talented. She sets you at ease the moment you arrive, has a healing touch and warm personality, listening to your concerns and adjusting to your preference. The prices are out of this world and with all of the proceeds going to St. Baldrick’s through May you really have no excuse not to go! :c) Their scheduling and online payment system is super simple and I highly recommend you leap at the opportunity as I did. I am so impressed with Melissa’s ability as a massage therapist and her huge heart, I cannot believe her generosity donating all of her time and energy to heal her clients and support finding a cure for childhood cancer. WOW!

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