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Valentines’ Day is approaching and I have made some special, romantic scents for the occasion. I’ve added smaller jars and put them on sale so you can try a 6oz jar of salts for just a dollar an ounce! There are two new scents of bath salts I wanted to highlight for V-Day because these scents are fabulous, whether they are intended to spark romance or just for a relaxing, comforting night in. Baths have been used for centuries as therapy, soaking in a hot bath really does relieve pain, relax muscles, and put you in a more peaceful state of mind. They are a priceless tool in relieving stress which otherwise can compromise your immune system and your emotional well-being.

Most bathing products, however, are filled with petroleum byproducts and all sorts of crazy chemicals so soaking in them is not the best idea. You should always choose products that are scented with essential oils and natural extracts only, otherwise you open yourself up to the “fragrance” loop hole and then who knows what you’re really bathing in. Strawberry Hedgehog uses 100% essential oils and pure plant extracts.

good lovin’ pacific ocean bath salts: Strawberry Hedgehog bath salts are made with 100% sea salt from the Pacific Ocean, minimizing environmental impact of shipping and over-harvesting found elsewhere in the world. Blended with skin soothing sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, these bath salts are the perfect way to soak away sore tired muscles. The special romantic aromatherapeutic blend of essential oils will pique your interest and your senses with floral oils of balancing, relaxing lavender, exotic, intoxicating ylang-ylang, sensual jasmine, and rare, romantic rose-otto. The scent is rounded out with spicy bottom notes of warming ginger, black pepper, and centering, sensual sandalwood. Strawberry Hedgehog good lovin’ bath salts are the perfect recipe for relaxation and romance.

chocolate dipped almond pacific ocean bath salts: The sweet, seductive scent of warm almonds enveloped in rich dark chocolate is captured in these skin softening bath salts. These salts are naturally scented with pure cocoa butter for rich chocolaty fragrance and the ultimate luxurious skin pampering soak. Pure bitter almond extract lends these salts the sweet comforting scent of marzipan candy and together with the cocoa butter creates a deliciously scented, mood balancing, and romantic bath experience.

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