fabulous fresh soap for Valentines’


I adore this soap! If ever you’ve wondered what love in soap form was.. this is it! The fresh citrus scent of pink grapefruit is a natural match for sweet, exotic ylang ylang blossom. The pink grapefruit essential oil is steam distilled from fresh Florida grapefruits with an uplifting and energizing scent. Ylang ylang is a sensual and romantic floral scent, intensely sweet and alluring. I’ve really splurged on this soap and used my much loved jasmine floral wax for added aphrodisiac qualities. Floral wax is a byproduct of creating floral absolutes and is quite pricey and hard to come by. I’ve been waiting for something really special to use it in and this soap was its perfect mate. The creamy white bar with pale yellow and pale pink layers provides soft, smooth lather and an intoxicating, feminine scent. Available just for Valentines’, the grapefruit-ylang ylang soap is another one I will look forward to showing off at the Farmer’s Market.

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