headed to a new farmer’s market!

I am back from the holidays and gearing up for the New Year! Now that I am done with my MS I am going to be dedicating myself more fully to strawberry hedgehog. The first step toward that goal is heading to a new farmer’s market in downtown Phoenix. I am so excited! One of the hardest things with my business is that it is the feel and scent of my products that really sells them and that is difficult to get across on my webpage. I can’t wait to share my products with real, live people! :c) Here is the info:

Farmer’s Market at Ticoz restaurant
beginning January 31st!

The farmer’s market will be held from 10am – 3pm every Saturday; at Ticoz (5114 N 7th Street, North of Camelback). The market will run through April 11th!

Hope to see you there at the end of the month!

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