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is a great site with an earth friendly, socially responsible twist on fashion and beauty. I was recently contacted by their writer, Mike Sowden, with some insightful questions that I happily answered and they posted on their site. With everything from health concerns about conventional ingredients, valuable natural ingredients lost to the scale of mass production and where my ingredients are sourced from, this interview hits on some good points and I’m glad to have done it.

I asked Tracy a few questions about the production of her range and the sourcing and choices of her ingredients.

EcoSalon: As a college student, you were inspired to
produce your own vegan body products because of the lack of affordable alternatives on the market. What sources of expertise did you draw on when you first started soap-making, and did you have to track any specialist equipment down?

Tracy Perkins:
You would be surprised how much you can do with a good stainless steel pot and some pyrex! I did hold myself back for a while at first researching and thinking I didn’t have the proper equipment. Really the most specialized equipment I had to get was soap molds, but if one is just starting out you could just as soon line any box with parchment paper and use that to pour your soap into.The hardest part was seeking out quality ingredients for my products and that just took time, trial, and error. There are several good books out there on natural products and I am working on my own e-book, but the key for me was just figuring out what the purpose was for all of the ingredients in conventional products, then finding a natural alternative.

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