beach babe hair spray

beach babe hair spray

Picture taken by James Towner, Camp Pendleton, CA August 2008We just had a great camping trip to the beach. A much welcome time to relax, try out our new hobitat, and enjoy the cool ocean air. My family did a lot of beach camping when I was a kid. I remember boogy boarding and building sand castles, roasting not so vegan things over the campfire and being a salty sandy mess. One thing I can say for being a mess at the beach, though, is your hair is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome. Most camping trips I am a yucky ball of grease but the magic ocean air and better yet, the salty water, give volume and structure where it would otherwise fall flat.

Other folks have caught on to this wonder and there are great products for sale out there that will do the same thing for you – fabulous salty tendrils in a bottle. If you are interested, Bumble and Bumble has a really good one called surf spray. It is pretty pricey but none the less a good product. If you are running low on cash (as most of us are right now) you could just make your own and then you don’t run the risk of mystery ingredients either.

beach babe hair spray
1 cup warm distilled water
3 tsp sea salt
5 drops essential oils of your choice
** chamomile = blondies
** rosemary = brunettes
** lemon = red heads
** lavender = all hair types

Stir the salt into the warm water until it dissolves, pour it into your clean spray bottle. Add the essential oils, shake it up and it is ready to use. Spray this all over slightly damp hair and work into roots. Let it air dry and use your fingers to pick up the roots, scrunch, and twist to make ringlets or use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. This works great for guys or gals for added texture, volume, and natural hold.

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