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I just heard about this yesterday when I got my Raising Arizona Kids Magazine e-mail newsletter. They are putting together this great resource for recipes from local AZ folks. They have a a tzaziki recipe posted from one of my favorite local restaurants, The Herb Box. I can’t wait to veganize it and give it a try! The Chines Onion Cakes from Alicia Messing sound amazing. We had some at a little restaurant in LA years ago and I seriously still think about them and the recipe is already free of any animal products, easy for me! Looks like lots of their other recipes are great for making with kids… I only have the furry type who aren’t too keen on cooking with me so this probably just means I’m going to have extra fun making them. Maybe my inner-child will help me? ;c) I am just excited to see a resource focused specifically on local recipe contributions. Go RAK!

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