vegan paraben free eyeshadow

MissingI’ve been on the look out for quality makeup that is both vegan and paraben free. I recently developed an allergy to my long loved eyeshadow by Lorac, wonderfully vibrant vegan-friendly Urban Decay, even my beloved MAC betrayed me. I had never had any signs of trouble in the past, I would layer fun colors on and feel fabulous. I got a weird peely rash and tried all sorts of other things, thought it was stress related, diet related, you name it. The common thread? Parabens! Those sneaky preservatives that are in seemingly everything these days. Once I stopped using the makeup the rash went away.. Joyouslystarted using it again.. back it came! How frustrating! I love to play with color around my eyes and I felt stifled. Silly, perhaps, but I just didn’t feel like me if I couldn’t do smoky eyes when getting gussied up to go out or play with coppers and blues for a fun day out or some simple plum liner to make the green in my eyes stand out. What is a girl to do??

I scouted out everything possible at Sephora, to no avail. Anything vegan had parabens, anything paraben free contained animal byproducts. (side note, who cares if something is tested on animals or not if it contains animal-bits?? that seems crazy to me.. it is like people against wearing fur who continue to wear leather, what gives?) So! At the recommendation of a fellow vegan blogger, Sunny at I purchased some online mineral shadows from Herbs of Grace.

orchidlavender huckleberry

I purchased the purple shimmer collection colors with their sample packet to try to emphasize the green in my hazel eyes. Containing no parabens, no animal byproducts, no weird chemical fillers or binders… just minerals, seriously, who wouldn’t want that?

I used the matte orchid shade all over from the lash line to the crease. Then I layered the lavender mist near the lash line and highlighted just under the brow then layered the darker shimmering huckleberry shade in my crease.

I used my unscented organic shea butter to gloss my lips but the Sweet Pea lip balm by Herbs of Grace is fantastic, smooth, a bit minty, and very subtle but nice color.

Hooray for effective, beautiful, and fun vegan/paraben-free eye shadow! The powdered minerals are easy to mix for anything. You can use a liner brush with some water for great eye liner. You can mix it with lip balm or shea butter for great colored lips or dab some on your cheeks as a highlighter, blush, or bronzer. I am so excited!

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